The competition

Do you have what it takes to win?

Get the opportunity you need to start seeing rapid business growth.

10 finalists get to pitch in front of our Judges, but there can only be 3 winners...

Making full use of those 500 seconds is crucial, once that beep is heard at the end of the pitch there is no turning back, so nerves of steel are a must.

Are you brave enough to face the judges?

Prize Fund

The Pitchora Winners are awarded a unique starter package capable of catapulting them to the stage of full and thriving business development.

In return, the sponsor gets access to the winner for 6 months post-award to meet, discuss and negotiate potential investment with the winning start-up. Start-ups may refuse to receive investment however the sponsors will be given the right of first refusal to make an offer, if other offers are made, the right of first refusal will be awarded for the first 3-month post-award. If at the winning date discussions with potential investors are already underway, these will be given green light before enacting the right of first refusal.

First place

€10,000 in equity-free seed money

Second place

€8,000 in equity-free seed money

Third place

€5,000 in equity-free seed money

Awards for
all winners

All 3 Pitchora Winners are awarded a unique starter package capable of catapulting them to the stage of full and thriving business development.


The 3 winners will have free access to the entire spectrum of incubation services available at Basement2Boardroom, including Consultancy, Corporate and Financial Advisory Services, Dedicated Workspaces, meeting rooms and Desks for their founders at the B2B Hub and Executive Coaching (worth €69,000)


Mentorship from the global leadership community of chief executives driven by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders.


6-month advertising campaign for the overall winner (worth €6,500)

Firstbridge Services

Firstbridge will be providing six months of accountancy services, fiscal compliance, payroll services, advisory and corporate services (worth €30,000)


A Bravura interview within the TV Programme for each of the winners (worth €750)

ICE Malta

A maximum of 9 seats in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (worth €17,055)

The Malta Chamber

An annual membership for each of the 3 winners will be given out by the Malta Chamber (worth €750)

Go Business

A SaaS Package for 6-month consisting of a Private Cloud Service + support + hardware + 1Gb/50Mb internet + unlimited mobile packages, access to GO subscribers for Market Research and others. (worth €10,000)

Street Media

Free 20 or 10 second impression on a Digital Terminal of your choice for a month or two depending on placement (worth €4,300)


Marketing & PR Services to the winners as they are needed.

On Point

A free analysis to determine the right products, Free implementation of Atlassian products and 4 passes for atlassian courses throughout the year


A state-of the art Job Board to the top 3 winners by supporting their eventual recruitment growth plans with complimentary listing of vacancies for the next 3 years


Get an annual membership to the “play to build” tier of Fe/male Switch start-up game for women (Value @ €5,000) that includes: Access to the platform for one year for up to 3 team members with all of its content, coaches, Game Masters/Mistresses; Get access to a zero-code developer (20 h), a UX/UI designer (20 h), a content creator (20 h) and a content designer (20 h). Total of 80 hours of hands-on support to help you build your product and your audience; Free access to software from Tilda, Adalo, Bubble, Make, Miro, etc.; Promotion on our social media.

Equity-Free Seed

Media partners

Services in kind