Violetta Shishkina

Violetta Shishkina

Founder & CEO at CADChain + Fe/male Switch

I'm a true multiple specialist. Apart from being a researcher, I built my expertise in Linguistics, Education, Management, Blockchain, Finance, Intellectual Property and the CAD sector. Recently I have upgraded my knowledge in AI. My extensive educational journey began in Russia, where I earned my first Master of Arts in Linguistics and Education and spent several summers in the USA, perfecting my skills.

The next step involved traveling to Belgium, to become an Advanced Master in Linguistics thus cementing my title of a language expert. At the same time, I decided to work on my MBA degree in Sweden in order to add economics and management into my skillset. In 2007 I decided to dive back into the education sphere and I was awarded a full scholarship for an Erasmus Mundus joint program of three universities: University of Oslo, Norway; University of Tampere, Finland; University of Aveiro, Portugal to become a European Master of Higher Education.

Throughout the years I mixed my educational experience with travelling, working and volunteering in multiple countries, including the USA, where I got accepted into Rutgers and Columbia University but was unable to pursue those degrees because of a force major. It's only natural that my vast experience finally lead me onto the path of entrepreneurship. The idea for CADChain, my first startup, appeared in 2018, at the moment of my deep dive into blockchain as a technology.

At the end of 2018 a Dutch incubator scouted CADChain and, thus, the company was established in the Netherlands. As part of the company's corporate responsibility, I initiated a non-profit project called Fe/male Switch. It is an educational game for future female entrepreneurs and it is attracting a lot of media attention, as well as users. I have experience with both bootstrapping the development and getting public and private funding. And I love what I do.