Matthew Bezzina

Matthew Bezzina

CEO – eCabs Technologies

Having read Accounts and Management and then pursued an MBA, Matthew had his role as CEO cut out for him. For a man with a brilliantly entrepreneurial mind, it isn’t surprising that he wrote the eCabs business plan while still occupying the benches of the University. It’s the scope of his ambition and his unwavering focus that gave him the drive to take eCabs from a one-man notion to one of the more operationally and financially sustainable corporations on the island.

He is driven by the knowledge that a sound operational and financial core that works to a long-term vision will be inevitably sustainable, particularly within the right legislative and regulatory frameworks. And he considers the Malta operation as a stepping stone to the long-term vision of running a successful operation beyond our shores as a scalable platform with near-infinite scope.

Matthew knows that his methodological approach to growing the business from a 3-man team to the 500-strong enterprise it is today was one of the reasons for his success and drives this principle throughout the organisation. It provides a stable core that allows for the agility needed to disrupt the market and introduce innovation that delivers more to the eCabs passenger.

The tech that’s in the pipeline will bring even more of a shakeup and Matthew knows it will take a responsibly nurtured team to navigate the shifting landscapes. He also believes that, hard as it may be, every member of the team and the organisation itself ought to behave in a way that is exemplary. eCabs should, after all, be the organisation that all others seek to emulate. Matt is an avid reader, consuming the work of visionaries like Noah Yuval Harari as he grapples with the toughest questions humanity has had to answer, looking to lessons from our past to shape a brighter future.